Is fanfiction a legitimate activity for fans essay

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Fanfiction: The underutilized artform

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In contrast, in Suntrust v. -Myth: Reporters should ask celebrities what they think about the awkward fanfic fans write about them-Myth: The fourth wall is made to be broken-If you must Myth: It’s written as “Fan Fiction” No, it’s not.

The word is “fanfiction.” It’s not Fan Fiction or FanFiction or fanfictions or fan-fiction. It’s just fanfic, for short. In this light, many have said that writing fanfiction is not a legitimate activity for fans, much less legal.

Fandom and Participatory Culture

As Hobb illustrated in her essay, fanfiction is definitely a genre of. Fanfiction is the creative outlet of any fan of any fandom. | Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons In fanfiction, anything and everything is possible. Harry Potter getting impregnated by Malfoy, James Bond living happily ever after in a committed relationship or even Edward and Jacob together forever.

WHERE CAN I READ FANFICTION BASED ON ANNE RICE'S BOOKS? Nowhere. You can't. On April 7, Anne Rice had the following message to say on her webpage: "I do not allow fan fiction.

Is writing fanfiction a legitimate activity for fans

The characters are copyrighted. It upsets me terribly to even think about fan fiction with my characters. Generally, ‘transformative’ activities – such as creating fan fiction, fan art, fanvids, etc – are associated with female fans. Conversely, ‘curative’ or ‘affirmational’ activities, such as memorizing trivia or collecting merchandise, tend to be associated with male fans.

Fanfiction builds stories around many unexplored elements of the story such as minor characters and plots which can make current fans all the more interested in the story plot thus “deepening the fan community” (Justin).

Is fanfiction a legitimate activity for fans essay
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