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Many African women and Afro-descendants were in charge of raising the children of their masters, creating relationships of affection and recognition.

For the most part, the Afro-descendants, once free, worked in the cities of New Spain, carrying out different tasks. In Spain, women contributed a lot during the civil war, the revolutions, and basically they had a very important impact during the nineteenth and twentieth century. Because of this women’s roles have changed quite a bit from the early s to the late s.

Spain is a constitutional monarchy and is officially called the Kingdom of Spain. The country’s capital is Madrid and Barcelona comes in as the second largest city in the country. The country is located in the Liberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe.

May 05,  · Essay on Spanish Women in the 19th and 20th Centuries Spanish women in the 19th century Spanish Women’s History in the 20th century THE EVOLUTION OF EUROPEAN WOMEN THROUGH THE CENTURIES For most of the 19th century, Spain was a country in.

In Spain, football -- the sport known in the United States as soccer -- is the most popular sport. The Spanish national football team won the FIFA World The History of Football in Spain | abrasiverock.com The Role of Women in Spain Essay Words | 11 Pages The Role of Women in Spain Introduction The field of women's studies has tried to restore the place of women in history by looking at a wide range of women's roles and achievements in different historical periods.

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